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Here’s Why You Should Visit the Wonderful Wonderla!

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We are road-trippers and people who always wait for an opportunity to leave the city. So we were not very sure about going to Wonderla. But, we were totally wrong. As you might know we both have advertising and marketing background and we have both at some point in our careers have worked with Wonderla as a brand. We knew their offerings and about their crazy rides, but to experience the thrill first hand was something else.

How to get there?

Distance from Bangalore: 35 km via NICE road. You can ask them to arrange transport at an additional cost.

Wonderla Amusement Park, Bangalore

Top reasons to visit Wonderla Bangalore real soon!

The Resort

We reached the Wonderla resort on Sunday around 12 PM. The resort is classy, comfortable and, customer-friendly. It is equipped with a restaurant, resto-bar, swimming pool, gym and all the necessary facilities to make your stay sweet.

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Though we missed out on using most of the services (thanks to the park), the ones we did were right on the money. After a lovely buffet lunch, we headed towards the park.

Desserts and me!

View of the Resort from the park

The Park

Rides at Wonderla are not something that can be explained, they have to be experienced.

We started with a crazy one that shook up all our organs. It was indeed an epic start. We could feel the adrenaline rushing through our body from top to bottom. Rides like ‘Y-Scream’, Equinox, Water Splash, and, Recoil promise to take you on thrilling journey like never before.

We saw a combo of very enthusiastic people and people who were a little scared waiting to get on every ride. Everyone’s eyes looked  as if  they were trying to gaze whether it will be suitable for them. The excitement and occasional cries enhanced the already energetic atmosphere of the park. It is a treat for people who like to observer the human behaviour.

The staff was friendly and helpful. Before the ride began, they would make sure that people were buckled up, secure, and, comfortable. What really struck us was the effort they have put in keeping the premises clean and spotless. Even the washrooms were clean and maintained. With so many people visiting the property, it is very difficult to pull of something like this.

The best thing that sets Wonderla apart form all the other amusement parks is, the system of multiple entries. Once you pay the full amount at the entrance, you can enjoy the same rides multiple times and all rides are accessible without worrying about paying for the rides again. A real deal for adventure-junkies and people who love rides.

It sometimes is frustrating to stand in big queues to get in the rides you love. To address this need, they have something called Fast Track rides. It basically eliminates all your waiting period. You can directly go for all the rides without waiting for the line  Something for the impatient kinds.

I have also visited Wonderla in Kochi and as a brand person, I was impressed with consistency of the theme and service. Not many brands manage to do it successfully.

Sometimes, we tend to ignore attractions and interesting places within the city. So if you have a weekend where you want to have maximum fun and yet don’t feel like travelling far away, Wonderla is your answer! Have childlike fun, experience the thrill, and know all emotions – happiness, excitement, fear and more – at once!

Here’s a list of the packages they have for you.

1 Day Package

Get a Day Package at the Resort with access to complementary Park entry for half a day and all resort facilities like swimming pool, gym, resto-bar, lunch, hi–tea etc.

1 Night Package

Get one night stay in the Executive room with breakfast, access to all resort facilities like swimming pool, gym, resto-bar and two Regular Adult tickets to Wonderla Amusement Park .

2 Nights Package

Get 2-nights stay in the Executive room with breakfast, access to all resort facilities like swimming pool, gym, resto-bar and 2-day complimentary passes for two to the Wonderla Amusement Park.

You can check out all the details here –

So go ahead experience a relaxing yet fun weekend at Wonderla!

PS: Do watch the video that will follow soon!








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