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Looking for a backpacker’s haven and some chill vibes in Mysore? Head to this hostel!

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It had been already a month and both of us were craving for our travel-dose. Usually, we try to slip out every weekend, but we couldn’t manage a trip since Diwali. It was long overdue. Without much planning, we decided we would go out the weekend anyway. On Saturday morning, we decided that we would head to Mysore and we were on our way with our Tiago.

Mysore, some 150 km from Bangalore, is one of the best options when it comes to a weekend getaway for Bangaloreans. The sweet little city has a lot to offer for tourists and is filled with places of historical importance. After a pit stop at our favourite ‘Vattika’, we reached Mysore in 4 hours and headed straight to The Mansion 1907.

We had found this place almost instantly on and luckily they had one room left. ‘The Mansion 1907’ is an old bungalow converted into a homely hostel without taking away the rich architecture. Apparently, the king of Mysore had constructed this home for a relative. The current generation from the same family thought of converting it into a hostel and indeed it was a brilliant idea. The place today is a blessing for budget travelers.

They have private rooms, dormitories with bunk beds and shared rooms. The private room in which we stayed cost us around Rs. 2000. The food is not included, but they make it fresh as per your order. They have a common area where they have put up a TV and some games like carrom.Beardo enjoyed a nice football game between Arsenal and Tottenham (they kept calling it the London Derby) with a middle-aged European traveler. There is a German yoga instructor who conducts yoga sessions in the morning for free. They have a good collection of books to read, bean bags to chill, free wifi and a playful super-cute dog named Tony!

Travellers with art sense who have stayed there in the past have not shied away from leaving their mark. They have put up some great graffiti on the walls! The place is very clean and well maintained. You will immediately get a feeling of a typical backpacker’s hostel once you enter the Mansion.

We drove to Chamundi Hills at night to get a view of the lit up city in the dark. It was spectacular!

The Mansion is well connected to all the corners of Mysore. Here’s a list of places you can see while at the Mansion:1. Chamundi Hills and temple – Night drive recommended
2.Mysore Palace
3.St. Philomena’s Church
4.Sandalwood Factory
6.Sand museum

It is the mix of people you will meet and greet that makes the Mansion special. You will see a blend of people from various countries, young and old, sitting, chatting and sharing their travel experiences. We asked whether they feel out of place and miss home when they travel so extensively? Certainly yes. Sometime later another person exclaimed, ‘It’s mid-November, and I don’t see Christmas decorations anywhere, it’s so hard to believe!’ And I was like, in India, we would probably celebrate a couple of more festivals before Christmas.

A true paradise for backpackers, The Mansion 1907 definitely stands out because of its interiors, vibe, maintenance, and accessibility! Do give it a try! Visit Mansion 1907 this weekend!

With this trip, we realized that traveling has become more of a habit and that lack of it can really affect our efficiency. Now, we are more than happy to live with that 🙂

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