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Traveller’s Terrace Chapter 2

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Update –

Thank so much for all of you who attended the second meet-up. It was informative and a good learning experience. Travel content making is a complicated process. It needs hard work, dedication and a lot of patience. Prashant (co-founder of Trell), Arun Bhat (traveller and photographer) and Satvik Shahapur (photographer and travel content maker) shared their experience, their learnings about travel content making.

A nice sunny evening was spent with enthusiastic bunch of travellers with some yummy snacks, chai and lot of interesting conversations!

Thanks so much for making it happen all of you! Can’t wait to plan another one soon 🙂 Will keep you posted! 🙂

Hello all! It’s time for Traveller’s Terrace chapter 2, in association with Stay On Skill. For those who don’t know about SOS, they are a fast-growing company which promotes skill-based travel.

During this meet-up, we will be discussing travel content making. This is just one of the many communities and meet-up we plan to create. The objective is to host a meet-n-greet for fellow travellers, discuss about the best ways to come up with good travel content, tips and tricks, talk to a few travellers who create some good content, exchange ideas or stories, and take inspiration from each other.
So, come join us on 22nd September, 4 PM onwards, to meet fellow travellers, listen to amazing stories and for some chill time.

What to expect in this meet-up?

  • Skilled travellers sharing their stories.
  • Networking
  • A few engaging activities
  • Definitely a good Saturday evening!



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